The how and why behind what we do is what really sets Lou Projects apart. Put simply, we want to build better. How do we do this? Let’s run you through it…

It all starts with a focus on creating an airtight, weathertight, building envelope. The building envelope is the barrier that separates the outside environment from the inside environment. It includes the floor, the walls, windows and doors, and the ceiling. It protects the frame, or the bones of your home, and provides resistance to air, water, heat, cold, light and noise transfer. This is then combined with effective insulation and appropriate ventilation. We insulate the floors, walls and ceiling, we use double glazed windows and doors – we even insulate around the window penetrations – to complete the insulation picture. We incorporate windows and breezeways for natural ventilation, but take it a step further and use mechanical ventilation as well, so we always have fresh air moving in and out of the home.

All three elements work together to create healthy, durable and energy efficient homes.

01 Building Envelope

02 Insulation

03 Ventilation

Along with better building principles and practices, comes better project management. We pride ourselves on the way we work and communicate with our clients and suppliers. For our clients, we document everything and communicate clearly, we also perform regular site visits and walk our clients through each step of the way. We develop good relationships with our trades, where trust and respect goes both ways, so we can ensure a high quality product is delivered every time. We have great relationships with our suppliers, who will do everything they can to get us materials on time – so we can deliver our projects on time – wherever possible.