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NAME: Dooralong house

Architect: Luke Farrugia

Builder: Lou Projects 

Located in a secluded location surrounded by nature, the property includes ​2 bedrooms, 1 ensuite and 1 main bathroom with a living size of 140m2. 

Project Details:

We’d been working closely with Architect, Luke Farrugia on a range of projects. In 2019 we sat down on the proposal for a new dwelling at Dooralong which had a strict budget. Luke sent through preliminary designs and we sent through price guides based on those designs. Luke scaled back with the advice from Lou Projects to try and achieve the clients budget. We revised the new designs, detailed the quote, and sat down with the clients to discuss all items. and we signed a contract and scheduled them in for late 2019.

Luke Furragia played a huge role during the construction process to ensure his vision was understood and that the clients were happy. Luke’s designs were slightly out of the norm, which needed to be considered for detailing the finishes that were required. The choice of materials such as burnished concrete throughout, recycled concrete blocks, Merbau timber windows and cypress cladding make up a range of beautiful textures and colours.

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Burnished concrete

It not only looks amazing, but thermal mass plays a huge role in regulating the temperature of a house. With proper external insulation (R6.0 in ceilings and R2.7 in walls) and some good positioning of windows, thermal mass will absorb heat from the sun and radiate that heat into the night as the temperature drops. As the property is ‘OFF-GRID’, these efficiencies are vital for keeping it manageable in the extreme weather.

Cypress Cladding

Luke did some research and found one of the most sustainable timber products from ‘Golden Cypress’. These guys rescue old, sick, dangerous and redundant farm trees from going to landfill or burnt. Cypress is natural, its durable, chemical-free, termite resistant and has low shrinkage. The end product is a 180mm shiplap finish and looks stunning against the other materials.

Recycled concrete blocks

Sizes ranging from 1800x600x600 and 1200x600x600, we managed to stack these in a brick pattern. These huge blocks are created from leftover concrete that gets sent back from other worksites in the concrete trucks, poured into casts and get used on a range of different applications. The blocks also add to the thermal mass again, facing the entranceway on the South West side which regulates temperature and creates a stunning facade as you enter from the driveway.

timber windows

Double glazed of course! – timber windows tend to be underrated as a highly efficient product, therefore capturing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it into building products such as timber windows. The more plantations we have the more carbon sinks we have! The naturally insulating properties of timber combined with double glazing, means these run more thermally efficient than their rival ‘double glazed aluminium windows’. They also look beautiful paired with any other material next to it we reckon!

OFF grid living

The house will be powered by a 3.3kw solar panel system with 7.5kw of storage in the batteries. This should provide about 8 hrs of usable power with a backup generator. Cooking and hot water are provided by LPG gas, taking away the load from the solar system. In the winter, the house is heated by a slow combustion fireplace, while in the summer the house will be reliant on breezeways, ceiling fans and the good R6.0 and R2.7 insulation. Living off-grid also means WASTEWATER (sewerage). The Envirocycle method for treating sewage and sullage from domestic and commercial developments is based on the age-old principle of separating solids from liquids allowing anaerobic bacteria (which does not require oxygen) and aerobic bacteria (which requires oxygen) to digest the waste. The waste is irrigated by means of a spray system to selected areas of your garden or paddock as appropriate. The treated water is dispersed through irrigation lines and spray points. In this way, nutrients are returned to nature in a controlled manner. This ensures that designated areas of your garden receive the benefit of regular watering.

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