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NAME: Killara house

Architect: Anne Robson and Jason Searle

Builder: Lou Projects 

The Killara home has 3 bedrooms and a walk-in wardrobe, 2 bathrooms and a double lock-up garage. The land size is 637 m2 and the internal floor area is 172 m2.  The exterior finish is FC cladding and brick veneer and the house has a 3.2kw Solar system, Solar Hot water system and Double glazed windows and doors.

Sustainable & renewable materials

This beautifully designed home has many features. The design of the house includes native and renewable materials such as the handmade front door by Bib ‘n’ Brace. They source all of their materials from recycled hardwoods, with reclaimed materials with some of the boards being be over 50yrs+ old. Custom kitchen supplied and install by Vogue Kitchens. This a modern industrial piece featuring a combination of polyurethane cabinetry with Polytech primed oak finishes. It includes a 3D panelled barback paired with Caesarstone ‘Rugged Concrete’ perfection. Finished with dual baumatic ovens, LPG gas cooking, a 24 bottled multi-zoned wine fridge and Armando Vicario Italian made tapware. 

We are also proud of the handcrafted Vanities by Woodman Designs. We sourced the basins from Concrete Nation. This is a collection of artisans, craftsmen and innovators who create custom-crafted, bespoke, architectural concrete works of art. Based at Burleigh Heads on Queensland’s Gold Coast their highly skilled team specialise in creating polished concrete basins and a vast array of items for residential and commercial properties. Supplied by Carpetone Central Coast, the blackbutt timber floor is an engineered boards comprise of a 4mm hardwood veneer, meaning it can be sanded several times in its lifetime and has the same look and feel of the real thing.


Take a look inside the house


Intelligent Solar System

Adam Woodbine of Ecosparky installed the  3.3KW Solar System. In addition to saving the new owner money, the unit is also linked with a smart home app, providing daily information about the power consumption of the home.

Annual Saving – $868.00

Lifetime Saving – $39,454.70

Eve Extensions

The orientation of the house is important and the overhang of the roof ensures that no sun enters the house in the summer months during peak hours of exposure, as the sun sits higher in the sky the eve casts a shadow reducing thermal uptake. However, during the cooler months, as the sun sits lower the high pitched roof ensures direct sunlight into the house and warms the concrete slab (thermal mass). This thermal mass holds its heat, and as it comes into the night the slab continues to radiate heat during the night.

Solar HWS evacuated tubes 

Evacuated tube solar collectors convert energy from the sun. They have a vacuum between two glass layers and work similarly to a thermos flask allowing it to retain up to 95% of the solar energy they capture. Post heating there is a 315L thermal storage tank to ensure consistent hot water supply is readily available at $0 per L!

Creating Breezeways

Positioning of windows are important. The most common winds on the central coast during the middle of summer come from the east, the cooling winds from the ocean generally means you will have cooler nights. Opening the louvres at either end of the breezeway will mean the house will flush the hotter air with cooler temperatures. It will also push the warmer air up the rake of the roof and out the northern facing louvres.

Double glazed windows

The windows are Insulated Glass Units (IGU). They work by incorporating a vacuum thermal cavity between two panels of glass. Resulting in less energy being transferred between the interior and exterior of the building.

It enhances indoor retention of cool air in summer, or warm air in winter, relieving strain on heating systems and air conditioners. 

5000L Water Storage Tank. 

100% of the possible roof catchment area is directed into the 5000L storage take, maximising irrigation opportunities throughout the year.

Client review

Leisa Taylor


”Sophiscation and class. No expense was spared when this house was built and this is throughout the whole residence, from the incredible front door made of the most beautiful recycled hardwood materials to the finer details like the handmade blush pink stone basins in the bathrooms. The open plan living is incredible not to mention all the sustainability elements that this house has to offer.

My husband and I had a very long list of what our first home (not property) had to have and this house honestly ticked all those boxes and many more!
Its our dream house and we look forward to building another dream home with Andrew and his team at Lou Projects sometime in the future.
You can tell this team love what they do and are extremely talented and professional at their craft.

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