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Who we are

Lou Projects is a sustainable building company based on the Central Coast, NSW. Our focus is to build healthy, energy efficient and sustainable homes, at an affordable price. We also want to make the building process easier for everyone involved, particularly the homeowner. We do this by working closely with our designers, engineers and suppliers to ensure a smooth build from start to finish.
We believe in building homes that are not only beautiful, enjoyable and comfortable, but also save money, water and energy. This means we build high-quality homes that are energy efficient and sustainably made with the best materials available. We work with clients who, like us, believe in creating a connection to nature, family and friends through their home.
We have a relentless desire to improve the building industry as a whole, so we can all live in healthy homes for ourselves and our planet.

our principles 


Design is key. This is why we work with architects and engineers who share our values, to create beautiful, functional and energy efficient homes. We look closely at the natural environment of the home and how that affects things like heating, cooling, lighting and water demands. We love to teach our clients about all the options they have and provide support in the design process to ensure they build a sustainable home with a budget they can afford.


We hold ourselves to a much higher standard than the current bare minimum standards in the Australian building industry. We use high quality products and best practice techniques to result in a weather-tight home meaning a naturally regulated temperature inside the home, no moisture issues and more importantly no mould. The result? Comfortable, energy efficient homes that save you money, are better for your health and the planet too.


We select materials with care and this includes everything from the foundations of the home to the final finishing touches. We use efficient, long-lasting and renewable materials. We also consider how the materials are made and packaged to ensure a completely sustainable product. We’re constantly educating ourselves and searching for options to ensure we build more energy efficient, sustainable homes, using the best materials available.


During the building process itself, we consider the environmental impact of the materials we use and how we manage waste onsite. We source local and sustainable materials as much as possible. We pride ourselves on keeping our worksites clean and tidy throughout the entire build. We ensure waste is minimised and everything else is reused or recycled.

How we are different

We’re here to change the industry by designing and building homes that are healthy and energy-efficient, in a way that is more sustainable with its building practices. We do renovation and home extensions but our heart goes to building more beautifully designed and energy-efficient homes across the central coast. No matter the project size, we always work according to our 3 principles. With our architects and engineers, we create innovative designs that are beautiful and functional. We select the materials and its suppliers carefully and focus on the sustainability and performance of the materials. During the building process itself, we consider the environmental impact of the materials used and implement a waste management plan.

We’re here to change the industry by designing and building homes that are healthy and energy-efficient, from innovative designs to sustainable materials to conscious building practices.

Our services


Thinking of renovating your home? With a fine eye for detail and our team of experts and contractors, we can help you with full architectural designed house alterations and additions with the best and most sustainable materials available.


Are you thinking about building a sustainable and energy-efficient home? With our team of specialist, we guide you through the design process and build your home, from start to finish. We work closely with engineers, designers, suppliers and contractors to help you build your dream home.


If you love your home but just need more space, an extension is a great option. With our design excellence, we can design & build an extension that blends in with your home and suits your needs.


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