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Lou Projects is a sustainable building company on the Central Coast, NSW. We focus on building healthy, high quality, high performing homes, which means they’re comfortable, enjoyable places to live that save money and resources too. At Lou Projects, we want to help our clients, as well as the entire building industry, build better, more sustainable and energy efficient homes. We strongly believe Australia’s building industry needs a shake-up, with a new generation of builders that can exceed the current standards and build healthier, high quality, high performing homes. Read more.. 

our approach

At Lou Projects, we aim to build beautiful homes and want to make the entire building process easier, simpler, cheaper and more efficient for everyone involved. This includes everything from the initial design to the finishing touches of the build. This means we work closely with a team of specialists, including designers, engineers, our subcontractors, and our suppliers, so we can help our clients build the home they love, with a budget that works for them. Read more..

Welcome to lou projects


Tom & Noha Rafferty

Project: Red Cedar Studio

”We recently completed what can only be described as a dream studio build on our property. Andrew and his team where a dream to work with on what turned out to be a not so simple build. We were in a badly ‘flame zone’ rated BAL area which changed what and how we built.

From start to finish we were guided through the process and always felt in control of what was happening whilst able to rely entirely on Lou Projects to manage everything for us. We can’t recommend them enough and will be definitely using them throughout further renovations we plan to complete over the next 24 months. ”


Project: Avoca Bathroom Renovation

”Andrew and the team at Lou Projects pride themselves in their work and it truly shows in the attention to detail and quality finish they delivered. Our project wasn’t without challenges but was still delivered professionally on time, met the budget and nailed the project brief.

They were recommended by friends in the industry and I will recommend them over again. From renovations to new builds, Lou Projects are a trustworthy, well communicated builder you can depend on to deliver positively every time with experience, commitment & quality second to none. 


Project: Killara House

”Sophistication and class. No expense was spared when this house was built and this is throughout the whole residence, from the incredible front door made of the most beautiful recycled hardwood materials to the finer details like the handmade blush pink stone basins in the bathrooms. The open plan living is incredible not to mention all the sustainability elements that this house has to offer.

My husband and I had a very long list of what our first home (not property) had to have and this house honestly ticked all those boxes and many more! It’s our dream house and we look forward to building another dream home with Andrew and his team at Lou Projects sometime in the future. You can tell this team love what they do and are extremely talented and professional at their craft.