Andrew - Managing Director - Lou Projects

Managing Director

Andrew is the driving force behind Lou Projects. He’s one of those people that has the vision, but also the ability to get stuck in and do the work to make it happen. A big part of that is his openness and willingness to continue to learn and grow. He’s not afraid to admit when he got it wrong, learn from his mistakes, and do everything he can to improve for next time. These attributes make for a great builder and a great leader.

He builds homes and leads his team with passion, honesty and integrity. He holds himself and his work to the highest standards, and this has a ripple effect to those around him.

One of his biggest goals as a builder is to make the experience for everyone involved a positive one – this includes every member of his team, all the subbies and suppliers involved, and of course the clients he works with as well.

Andrew leads the way with an energetic and constantly evolving approach, inspiring those around him to continue to grow and strive for greatness. When it comes to building homes and managing projects, Andrew is a force to be reckoned with, eager to challenge himself and take Lou Projects to the next level

Remy - Site Supervisor - Lou Projects

Site Supervisor

Meet Remy. One of our superstar Site Supervisors.

Remy is an exceptional, experienced carpenter. He’s a bit of a workhorse – once he gets to work, he just gets in and gets it done. He’s highly skilled in his carpentry, and has a vast range of skills including joinery, framing and finishing.

Remy started his career as a kitchen joiner, so he has a great eye for all the finer details that bring a project together. He’s humble, he’s kind, and a lot of the guys look up to and respect him.

Remy is also a father of two. He’s a devoted partner and a devoted father. He prioritises time for his kids and his family, and we fully respect and support that.

Richard - Site Supervisor - Lou Projects

Site Supervisor

Richard is another one of our amazing Site Supervisors. The first thing that comes to mind when describing Richard is his passion and dedication. He’s passionate about his work, he’s dedicated to Lou Projects, and it shows in the high quality product he consistently delivers.

Richard strives to be a great leader, which makes our apprentices working with him very lucky. He gives clear direction, but most importantly, he takes the time to guide and teach.

Richard’s a deep thinker and he’s always up for learning and experiencing a broad range of things – everything from yoga, to a pottery course, to a Kendrick Lamar concert and even a night at the opera.

Luke - Site Supervisor - Lou Projects

Site Supervisor

Meet Luke. Our lucky last Site Supervisor.

Luke and Lou Projects have been a perfect match from the start – Luke joined the team very early on and in the very early stages of his own carpentry career. During his training with us, he was awarded Apprentice of the Year, and this came as no surprise to us as we recognised his level of commitment to the trade, skillset and potential from the very beginning.

Luke is honest, reliable, and passionate about what we do here at Lou Projects. He’s a loyal, determined, and intelligent man. We’ve had his help in the office for the past year or so, and he’s an invaluable mediator between ideas in the office and realities onsite.

Luke’s also a devoted and proud dad, who loves a weekend adventure, and is committed to living a healthy, balanced lifestyle – something we value highly in our team members.

Harrison - Apprentice - Lou Projects


Harrison, or Harri as he’s affectionately known, is in his third year of his apprenticeship, and over the past three years has continued to prove himself as a dedicated and eager learner. After a brief stint in the Navy, Harri made the bold choice to prioritise a fulfilling lifestyle over a more traditional career, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Harri is one of those old souls, and we knew this from the day we met him. We were impressed by Harri from the very beginning – ambitious, polite, well spoken and respectful – all things we consider before anything else. As we’ve gotten to know him more, we appreciate his thoughtful nature and the way he communicates his ideas so clearly and articulately.

It’s clear Harri has a bright future ahead. We’re excited to see his continued growth and the positive impact he’ll bring to our team.

Chris - Apprentice - Lou Projects


Meet Chris. One of our epic Apprentices.

Originally from South Africa, Chris joined us in 2022 and has quickly become an essential part of our team. His natural talent for carpentry and his constant drive to learning and improving his skills is admirable.

Chris’ humility, clear communication style and thoughtful attitude is invaluable to our team. He’s extremely reliable and very inquisitive, he wants to know the why behind things, not just the how. He has a genuine enthusiasm for the tasks at hand and is comfortable challenging ideas and proposals.

His passion for his craft is contagious, and we can’t wait to see him continue to grow with us here at Lou Projects.

Ineka - Operations, Sales & Marketing - Lou Projects

Operations, Sales & Marketing

Ineka is our Operations, Sales & Marketing Assistant – three big roles all rolled into one! If you don’t already know, she’s also Andrew’s partner. Ineka genuinely cares about Lou Projects, she’s passionate about seeing the business grow, and providing everyone with the best possible experience including our team, trades and clients.

Ineka does the nitty gritty, behind the scenes work. While Andrew has all these big ideas, Ineka is the one who does the work to implement them. She’s also the wordsmith behind our social media and website content. She has the ability to take Andrew’s brain dump of ideas and make them sound a whole lot more appealing (although Andrew did well writing the majority of this post).

Ineka is sweet and bubbly and we love the energy she brings to the team. The passion Ineka has for Lou Projects is something I’m very lucky to have. I’m one very proud boss and partner to have Ineka on the team.