Building costs can vary depending on the size, complexity, detail, quality of work and current market conditions. We have found, for the work we do, costs are anywhere between $4,500 – $8,000 per sqm. You should also keep in mind that there have been significant price increases in material, trades and labour in the last few years – this is driven by the market and is completely out of our control. This is not to say we can’t or won’t design and construct lower cost buildings – in fact, this is one of our main drivers as sustainable home builders. However, these costs are more a reflection of the inherent complexity of the projects we take on, and the desires and demands of previous clients themselves. We also work with people who desire a better quality of design and construction of energy efficient homes because they see the benefits for the environment, their wellbeing and their physical health.

Even small, simple residential projects may have unexpected costs arise. For PC items – such as bathroom fittings, robe hooks and carpet – we require clarification on who is responsible for the provision of these items. If it’s the builder, a spreadsheet will be provided detailing these items and their costs. If it’s the owner, this will be an additional, separate cost, managed by the owner.

HBCF insurance, also known as Home Building Compensation Fund insurance, is a type of insurance that provides protection to homeowners, in case the builder fails to complete the building work, or the work is defective, and the builder is unable to rectify it. If a homeowner experiences any problems with the building work, they can make a claim against the builder’s HBCF insurance. The claim process involves notifying the builder of the issue and giving them an opportunity to rectify it. If the builder is unable or unwilling to rectify the problem, the homeowner can make a claim against the HBCF insurance policy. The amount of compensation that a homeowner can claim will depend on the nature and extent of the defect or incomplete work. The HBCF insurance policy will cover the cost of rectifying the issue, up to the limit of the policy. This claim can only be made if/when the builder dies, disappears, becomes insolvent, or has had their licence suspended. With this in mind, we build our homes with the mindset that they’ll last 100 years, and if proper maintenance is adhered to, we’re confident this will be the case.

Maintenance tasks will vary from weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly, depending on what it is. Just like a regular health check, or your yearly trip to the dentist, regularly maintaining your home will avoid big costly jobs if any problems do happen to arise. A great way to keep on top of this is to follow a home maintenance checklist. At the completion of the build, we’ll provide you with your own unique maintenance schedule, to help you keep on top of these tasks so you can continue to enjoy a happy, healthy and sustainable home for many years to come.

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