Lou Projects is a sustainable building company based on the Central Coast, NSW. Our vision is to change the building industry by building more sustainably and designing and building homes that are healthy and energy-efficient.

If you ask us why we started Lou Projects, the answer is simple – we want to build better. As home builders on the Central Coast, our mission is to redefine the industry by prioritising high quality, high-performing eco homes, that not only look the part, but are healthy and energy-efficient too.

But it’s not just about the end result; we’re committed to making the entire building process hassle-free for everyone involved, especially you – the homeowner. We work closely with our designers, engineers, contractors and suppliers to ensure a smooth journey from the first sketch to the finishing touches. Recognising the importance of design, we partner with architects and engineers who share our values, crafting energy efficient homes that look good and work well.

Education matters, and we’re all about informing our clients about their options. We provide solid support throughout both the design and build phase, helping our clients build sustainable homes all within budget.

At Lou Projects, we find like-minded clients – those who, like us, value forging connections with nature, family and friends through their homes. Welcome to our story, where building better is not just a goal; it’s our practical approach to construction.

Lou Projects - Rural Home

When partnering with Lou Projects to bring your dream home to life, there are two paths you can take.

Custom Homes

Work with our team and preferred architects to design your own custom home. Alternatively, bring your plans or drawings to us, preferably in the initial design phases, and we’ll work with you and your designer to bring your vision to life.

Lou Homes

Select one of our pre-existing designs as a foundation, and we’ll work closely with you to tailor it to your unique needs, space, and preferences.