Patrick House


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2019 Master Builders Association Excellence In Building Awards:
Energy Efficiency & Environmental Sustainability

Project Synopsis

The Patrick House includes ​3 bedrooms and a walk-in wardrobe, 2 bathrooms and a double lock-up garage​. An internal floor area of ​160​m2​ surrounds a beautiful alcove deck area of 50m2​. The house has a 3.2kw solar system​, ​solar hot ​​​water system​, double glazed windows and doors​ and a 5000L water storage tank. The ​exterior finish is FC cladding and brick veneer​.​

The house is designed as a U shape, to provide privacy from the east, south and west sides, and in the middle a generous amount of timber decking for entertaining. Landscaping also plays a vital role in the general feel of the Patrick House and adds to the cooling and shading where necessary. At the rear, there is a big beautiful Australian Red Cedar tree, which was preserved during the construction process providing privacy and protection. While at the front, our landscaper from Ocean Landscapes planted a Japanese Maple to provide shade to the entertaining area in the summer and in the winter when the leaves shed, sunlight will flow in.

The orientation of the house is also important and the overhang of the roof ensures no sun enters the house during peak hours in summer, while letting direct sunlight into the house during winter. Keeping sun out in summer keeps the house naturally cooler, while letting sun in in winter warms the concrete slab during the day which continues to radiate heat during the night.