Dooralong House


Lou Projects

Lou Projects - Rural Home

Project Synopsis

Located in a secluded area surrounded by nature, the Dooralong House includes ​2 bedrooms, 1 ensuite and 1 main bathroom with a living size of 140m2.

A new rural house on a highly exposed site where extreme temperatures and winds are the norm. The design is underpinned by both passive and technological environmental strategies and is completely off-grid (power, water and wastewater). Materials are left in their natural state and, as much as possible, have been sourced through reclamation.

Some of the key materials used include cypress cladding from Golden Cypress as it’s one of the most sustainable timber products we could find. Burnished concrete that not only looks amazing but also provides thermal mass which plays a huge role in naturally regulating the temperature of the house. Recycled concrete blocks stacked in a brick pattern that add to the thermal mass again. Double glazed timber windows that have natural insulating properties as well as the ability to capture and store carbon in the process of growing the timber. The house is powered by a 3.3kw solar panel system with 7.5kw of storage in batteries, and utilises the Envirocycle method for treating wastewater.

Architect Luke Furragia played a huge role during the construction process to ensure his vision was understood and the clients were happy.